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Read about my ‘bum lift’ with Shane Cooper

I was lucky enough to have a top to toe VIP treatment with Shane Cooper recently – the go-to man for many celebs – best known for his non-surgical bum lift. Katie Price swears by him. So I was a bit nervous meeting him, as he’s had his hands on some seriously gorgeous well-known women – and there I was having to get my 45-year-old mother of twins bod out for him to work on. But the great thing is Shane is ‘mobile’ so he comes to your home – so although you still have to get your kit off – it’s in the comfort of your own home. And I needn’t have worried he’s so lovely and down to earth – and someone you’d happily sit down for a cup of tea and a chat with.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.17.30 PM

Shane at work ….

The aim of the top to toe VIP treatment is its completely tailor-made for you. In Shane’s words:“My bespoke treatment truly delivers visible and corrective results without the need for surgery or invasive procedures. All my machines are a medical platform with clinical trials. The dramatic results achieved is because I combine my treatment machines to get the best results ever!”

So firstly Shane looks at your face and body, asks what your concerns are and what you would like to improve (where do I start … at this point maybe a head transplant on to Gigi Hadid’s body is a better option …). But after he’s taken a few photo’s of me in my undies (God don’t you hate those before photo’s??) I’m keen for him to get to work ASAP. I am convinced though that some of these therapists have the opposite of photoshop when they take these pics – and instead a fat app that makes you look as gross as possible to shock you into signing up to every treatment under the sun. I hasten to add sadly Shane DOES NOT have this app – the photos were true to life 😉

From start to finish, it takes around 3 hours. But I’m not someone who has the time or the inclination to have loads of different beauty treatments – so this is the perfect solution for me – get everything done in one go – as I’m sure all we women out there would agree – looking good as you get older can sometimes feel like a full-time job.

So in just one session, I had LipoFirm Pro on my whole body – it delivers non-invasive fat removal and lymphatic drainage while tightening the skin. But even better while Shane is working on your body his lovely assistant gets to work on your face. In all, I had Geneo, Caci, LED and Cryo Coolifting for the face. All these treatments would normally involve lots of separate appointments at various clinics so its perfect!  I think my favourite was the Coolifting gun at the end of the treatments. It sprays onto the face; a powerful CO2 flow at a very low temperature and a high pressure, combined with an extremely high concentration of active ingredients. As Shane describes: “Its the most spectacular and fast treatment ever seen to challenge the effects of passing time on the face. A single 4-minute session will provide a youthful radiance, with visible changes to the fine lines and wrinkles.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.16.45 PM

Shane at work – the bum lift!

So what were the end results? Even after just one session, I’m amazed by the results. My legs look thinner and more toned and my bum definitely looks lifted and perky – I think Shane Cooper might be my new BFF. My face also looks pretty damn good too – firm, taut and rested. But given I swapped a life of partying a few years ago for the life of a nun – and my biggest treat is a San Pellegrino in the evening (whoopy do – so rock ‘n’ roll I know) – my skin should be looking damn good! For more information, go to @shanecooperuk/Instagram or

But if Shane isn’t for you, then I’ve been looking into options that are gentler on the pocket and can be used as and when you want. Brazilian Bum Bum Cream by Sol de Janeiro has been causing a bit of stir lately and developing cult status. Utilising the derriere-enhancing properties of Guarana, a caffeine-rich plant (five times stronger than coffee) native to the Amazon, the cream smooths, tightens and leaves your bum feeling tight and pert. What’s not to love? It also has a gorgeous caramel smell good enough to eat. Although I’m not recommending that – but the latest diet I’m currently on (featured in my next blog) has left me feeling so bloody hungry, I was sorely tempted.

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Just google to find the best deals – available on many beauty websites

Another great find I’ve trialed is Mio – Shrink to Fit. In their words ‘shrink to fit’ is not a one night stand (love it!) – but once a day for 30 days. It has a great peppermint smell and a tingling sensation on application. You need to massage it in to stimulate circulation even more and the powerful ingredients mean you don’t need much.  If you can persevere and use it continuously, it really does make a difference – it (almost) irons out the lumps and bumps on your legs, bum and arms leaving a smooth cellulite free bod.

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Found on among other websites and Space NK stores

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